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                     This is our bull Natu, January 2008


                                                                        OUR SACRED BUFFALO

There are four places in Hawaii that have buffalo. We are one of course, of three on the Big Island of Hawaii. The fourth is on Kauai. Our bull is from the Kauai herd, which were once featured in a National Geographic  spread. The Kauai herd is stock brought in from the mainland in the 1970's from Colorado Buffalo shows. It is prize winning, blue blood stock. So, our bull is from this herd. That is him in the picture above. His name is Natu, it means a calm wind.

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     We got our female buffalo in 2001. A female buffalo is called a hefer if they have not had

 any babies. If they have had children, then they are called a cow. When we got our female 

she was three years old in 2001. We rescued her from a fate of death. We literally had one

 week to get enough fence up to bring her over. The ranch where she was at could no 

longer keep her. She had been used to train cutting horses and they were going to shoot 

her, but we got the chance, and honor to have her come to our facility. That ranch helped

 move her to our place, and even gave us a steer to keep her company until we could get a

 bull. We had her in a quarter of an acre to acclimate her for about three months. By that 

time we had most of the three acres fenced in and the two were let out to explore. 

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     About eight months later we got the bull from Kauai. It was an amazing feat, and fulfilling after much hard work to make this project happen. That took one and a half years just to put together. This demonstrates the old saying, "Where there is a will there is a way". 

     Four ranches were involved in moving the bull from Kauai. The bull got on the barge on Kauai, and to go to Oahu and be boarded overnight, then put back on the barge the next day to come here to the Big Island. It was a four day trip, and dangerous for buffalo because their heads are so heavy they can break their necks. They are so different from cattle.

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   This picture was taken in May 2009

       After the two buffalo courted, they gave us a beautiful baby girl, and then a baby boy came after that. So, as of 2009, we have four. We are honored and want to share this with our community, especially the children. 

     Our doors is open everyday at 3pm for public viewing. Please call first though because there are exceptions, we may have other activities going on that prevent it for that day.

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This picture was taken in early 2007.

1.] They are considered to be very spiritual and sacred to Native Americans.

2.] They can weigh up to 3,000 pounds.

3.] They have a blue tongue.

4.] When a female gets pregnant, they carry the baby for nine months, 

     just like a human.

5.] We feed them alfalfa cubes and cut grass.

6.] They live about 20-25 years old.

7.] If in a herd, the females will calve every year. Otherwise, there is no regular 

    breeding and calving season.

8.] Buffalo were first brought to hawaii in the 1960's to the Big Island. That herd is 

     now out at Kau, South Point.

9.] They can jump six feet.

10.] They can climb almost as good as a goat.

11.] Yes, the ground does shake of a bunch of them run at the same time.

12.] Also, like a goat, they tend to ram anyone that might bend over ,or turn   

      around. They just can not resist,LOL.

13.] There are two types of buffalo : plains, and woodland

14.] In the old days herds of buffalo were reported to have been up to 60 miles 

      long and 60 miles wide; amazing.

15.] They are full grown at five years old.

16.] Ted Turner owns the largest herd in America right now, over 30,000 head was 

      the last report we heard.

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Legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman


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Buffalo Dance Ceremony




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